Creality Ender -3/3 Pro


Product Parameters

  •  Printing Size:220x220x250mm
  • Printing accuracy:±0.1mm
  • Nozzle :Standard 0.4mm
  • Filament Support: ABS,PLA,PETG,WOOD,FLEXIBLE
  • Filament diameter: 1.75 mm
  • Voltage: 24v
  • File Format : STL, OBJ, G-Code
  • Operational Software: None specific
  • Printing Software: CURA, Simplify 3D, Repetier-Host,  Slic3r,  ideamaker

Approx Assembly time: 45 min

What's Included

  •  Full Ender-3 kit 
  •  8GB sd card+reader
  • Tools

Recommendation and Considerations

Starting price:  $299.00

Our Price: $220.00*

Perfect starter Printer. This printer offers the combination of affordability, ease of assembly, good build size, and great print quality.

The 24v system makes it a little more complicated to get add on parts, but they are available. The advantage of 24v is that the nozzle and heat bed will heat to operation temp very quickly and maintain temp easily for long prints. 

*Prices may vary depending on availability.