Start 3d printing without all the guesswork

  We are excited to introduce Kansas City to the world of 3D printing. Learn the essentials to starting 3d printing

  • What printer should I start with?
  • What kind of material do I use?
  • Where can I find already made models?
  • How can I get help when I need it?

We want to help answer those questions, so you can start having fun.
- Participate in our online Virtual Workshop from the comfort of your home - One-on-One sessions available- 30 day free support Our workshop will include; 

  • 3d printer
  • Filament (PLA) 
  • Essential tools

You will be printing by the end of the session!!!  

 * Workshops will be help on Saturdays from 10:00am -3:00pm

Request more details by emailing  us at

* Online Virtual Workshops coming soon

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Workshop Details

Creality Ender 2

Workshop Includes

 All Inclusive: 

· 1 x FDM 3d Printer ($200+ Value)

· 1 x 1 Kg spool of material (PLA)

· All the essential tools you need to get started provided

· Informational handouts (+ Digital copies will be mailed)

 ** PC is not required, but if you bring your own we will assist with setting up Slicer software

Workshop Outline


· Introduction and overview of 3d Printing fundamentals

· Unbox, identify all parts and assemble 3d Printer

· Explanation of all aspects of your new printer

· Familiarize Maker with Slicer Software options

· Bed Leveling and preparation to Print

· Print your first 3d creation ( pre-sliced objects will be provided on supplied SD card)

When and Where

Time : Saturdays, 10 am - 3pm (with lunch break)

Length of Workshop: Approx. 4 hrs

Place:  We offer an Online Virtual Workshop. You can attend at your leisure or choose to watch the recorded workshop at your own pace. 

Contact us directly for support, question  and adivse

*One on One seasons are available

Cost: Determined by selected  printer

Ender 2 - $340.00

Ender 3 - $370.00

CR-10/s - $550.00

Bring your  own printer - $149 per person

* Assembly of personal printers not supported, but we can advise


** Post Workshop Support, FB Group and upgrade consultations will be available to all that participate**

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Upcoming Events

  • Come out to our events to meet the team, watch live demonstrations, pick up your printer, get details about workshop, or ask questions. We will be available for you. 

No upcoming events.